NY & Done!

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Made it to New York for New Years after all, two days later but in 1st class so little complaint about the flight. Now the cab ride was a nightmare, with all the snow the city was just conjested even more than normal. So a usual hour-ish ride took 2 hours! Pao and I actually got out a few blocks early cause it was a freak’n headache.

Snow clean up in New York City

Shot the first night at a place called Tonic, a sports bar in Times Square. Looked cool but didn’t get to try the food. But everywhere I ate in NY was great, as it should be.

Brunch Burger @ 5 Napkin BurgerIt’s hard to describe perfection. 5 Napkin Burger has done it in the form of a burger. If you’re ever in New York it is a must. And get a milk shake!

Also gotta give Bond 45 a try. I’m not a pizza guy but their calamari pizza is unbelievable, second best pizza in the world. (Rialto Restaurant in Venice, Italy is best … as it should be) Below is a pic of the lobster pizza, unfortunately they didn’t have the calarmari till 8pm, so get there later if you want it.

Lobster Pizza @ Bond 45

Last place to check out is Heartland Brewery. They make their own soda and beer. Along with that they make great food. Don’t have a pic but trust me, it’s great.

So even though I went for work, the food is always my favorite part. So I’ll end as you do with a normal meal, desert from Juniors!

Cookie Monster @ Juniors Deli

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